• December 2014

  • Note: When viewing the calendars, please note that OPEN BOWLING & COSMIC BOWLING TIMES are times when anyone can bowl and times available for private parties. Please inquire with our Reservations Manager for reservations.

    Note: The Open Bowling/Cosmic Bowling Prices DO NOT reflect OPEN BOWLING & COSMIC BOWLING TIMES. For more up-to-date information on lane availability, please call us at 488-6854.

    Day Time Price/Game
    Monday 9am - 5pm $3.50
    Tuesday 9am - 5pm $3.50
      5pm - Closing $4.50
    Wednesday 9am - 4pm $2.00
    Thursday 9am - 5pm $3.50
      5pm - 9pm $4.50
    Friday 9am - 5pm $4.50
    Saturday 5pm - 9pm $4.50
    Sunday 9am - 11am $4.50
      9pm - 2am $4.50

    Day Time Price Rate
    Monday 10pm - Closing $5/game
    Thursday 10pm - Closing $5/game
    Friday 9:30pm - Closing $25/lane per hr
    Saturday 12pm - 5pm $25/lane per hr
    9:30pm - Closing $25/lane per hr
    Sunday 11am - 4pm $25/lane per hr

    NOTE: Open & Cosmic Bowling Times are subject to change without notice.

    Special Rates available Seniors, League bowlers, Junior Bowlers (Whiz Kids), and military during Open Play.

    Holiday Bowling Price/Game - $4.50

    Shoe Rental - $3.00

    Socks - $3.00